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कौन कौन बन चुका है बिग बॉस के घर का बादशाह

Bigg Boss is the most rated reality TV show in India. It is very popular among youngsters of India. In this show prominent Bollywood actors are chosen to host the show. It was started on 2006. Now, lets take a look at the winners over the seasons and how they became Winners of Bigg Boss.Bigg Boss season-1 winner- Rahul Roy

Rahul Roy is the star of Aashiqui movie which was famous blockbuster of 90s. So he was very famous in Bigg Boss house, amidst the presence drama queen Rakhi Sawant and became a winner of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss season-2 winner- Ashutosh Kaushik

As compared to other contestant who were in the season 2 Ashutosh Kaushik was very less known when he entered the Bigg Boss house. His winning formula is “Keep calm and play your game”.
Bigg Boss season-3 winner- Vindu Dara Singh

He is the son of late legendary actor Dara Singh. He is also the oldest person to emerge as a Bigg Boss winner. His roommates called him “the man with a golden heart”.
Bigg Boss season-4 winner- Shweta Tiwari
Before she entered into Bigg Boss she was only known as the soap queen. She is the first ever woman who won the Bigg Boss. Despite the presence of her ex-husband Raja Choudhury and Dolly Bindra, who were always in preparation to have a verbal spat with her, with their nasty accusations and revealatins, but she came out of the top of everything and proved what a strong woman she was.

Bigg Boss season-5 winner- Juhi Parmar

She was in the house from day one and during the entire season, she was only nominated thrice for eviction. This speaks volumes about what an easy going personality she was.

Bigg Boss season-6 winner- Urvashi Dholakia

She won the Bigg Boss due to her straight forward nature. At first she was not so liking person in Bigg Boss but however she got popular and became a winner of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss season-7 winner- Gauhar Khan

Belonging to a middle class Muslim family,she made a name for herself on her very own, in the past decade or so. She was often criticized for voicing her opinion in the Bigg Boss house. As she got more votes than Tanisha so she became the winner of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss season-8 winner- Gautam Gulati

He is one of the most popular and youngest winner at the age of 27. His winning formula is “take it easy”. Due to his charm and personality he got more votes and became a winner of Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss season-9 winner- Prince Naruola

He is also the winner of other reality show Roadies and Spitsvilla. So he has a larger fan following than others co-contestants. so he got more votes and became the winner.

Bigg Boss season-10 winner- Manveer Gurjar

Bigg Boss 10 came with a new concept where along with some celebrities some commoners also shared the house to win trophy. There were 7 celebrities and 8 common people in that show. A commoner Indian won the show and the commoner was Manveer Gurjar.

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